book interface

09 March 2013 / By Bernhard

project description

term work at digital experiments
Fachhoschule Salzburg
MultiMedia Art – Master

documentation.pdf (german)


The huge success of books was opened by the invention of printing by Johannes Gutenberg. Up to now books have their own handling and rules of use which nearly every human is familiar with. Because of the fact that it is one of the first and significant massmedia of humanity, everyone knows how a book works and how to use it. Based on this knowlege I tried to use this handling of books to navigate through digital videos. This book-interface could supplement the analogue information in a book by providing it with digital content like videos.

The main issue of the interface is that the programme has to know which site of the book is on display. Furthermore, the shape and use of a traditional book should not be changed. Therefore, it is important that the electronic parts in this interface are not visible. At the same time there has to be a connection to a computer or a visual device on which the digital content is displayed.