01 July 2010 / By Bernhard

project description

bachelor installation 2010

Fachhoschule Augsburg

With which senses do we conceive reality? Is it possible to simulate reality? Jean-Louis Baudry’s Apparatus Theory is a psychoanalysis about cinema which substantiates the feeling of reality while watching movies. He claims that the disposal of environment like the position of the viewer, the dark room as well as other factors provide the attention of the movie. By immersing oneself into the movie the awareness of reality gets lost. Contrust takes this theory up and extends it with an open room.

The visitor can switch between different scenes by touching the pictures which are placed in front of the audience. The images are projected from above in a hemisphere around the audience. Therefore, the central perspective of the pictures as well as the physical room are the viewers’ focus. This effect provides the blurry transition between reality and image. A 360° audio-visual sound supports this new generated simulation.

This installation refers to the contrast between reality and simulation. By the option to deceive our senses, they are no longer trustable in the distinction of reality and simulation. The name Contrust is refering to the fact that our senses are no longer

exhibition venue

Fachhochschule Salzburg, 2010

Akkufisch Eichstätt, 2015