about me

My aspiration: to create and connect media with an conscious focus on sustainability

My profession is situated in the cross-media design due to my studies  in informatics and media design as well as my extensive experiences in  commercial projects. Aside from planning and realising corporate designs, I mainly  work on interactive installations and exhibitions. Sustainability plays a major role in my work: On the one hand, it is my  demandt to create contemporary designs and concepts of long  continuance in order to be competitive in the future. On the other hand, an ecologically sustainable production is important to me, which ranges from the choice of printing paper through to the server with clean power.

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I'm creative

With my vast knowledge in Design, Technique and Social Theory I implement the ideal visual communication for your business.

I'm sustainable

At work economical as well as ecological and social sustainability are very important to me.

I am versatile

It does not matter whether I create a web page, shape a Corporate Design or realise an interactive installation; at that, the most important tool is my experience.

all from a single source

In most cases I can offer the process one-stop from sketch over drafts up to its realisation.

my skills

Graphicdesign- 11 years Experience
Homepagedesign / WordPress- 7 years Experience
Adobe programms- 12 years Experience
Potography- 11 years Experience
Marketing- 2 years Experience
Projectmanagement- 5 years Experience

contact me

Have a project you're interested in discussing with me? Drop me a line below, I’d love to talk.
+49 151 / 51 82 34 69 | Bavaria, Germany

Auf der Alm 5
85072 Eichstätt



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